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Who doesn’t love Halloween? How could you not? It’s the fun holiday where people get to dress up, eat candy, and no one gets dragged to see family members they don’t like! It’s a no lose holiday. That is…except for the occasional homeowner who’s the victim of bad luck. This isn’t always from teenage vandalism, even if the holiday does make some of us remember why there’s a stigma around teens. Sometimes it’s just random chance, which is bound to happen when it’s dark and you’re surrounded by little kids. Thankfully, there are some ways to curb the chances of bad luck and keep Halloween a night of fun.


Keep Your Lights Bright

We know, it’s Halloween and supposed to be spooky. There’s a reason horror movies take place in the dark. But the

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Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, there’s something we can all cross party lines to agree on and unite against – it is too hot out. Forget current events, the sun is the enemy now. We can see it taking its toll on our energy bills in the fight to keep from melting. But what if we could use it for good? What if it’s finally time to look into solar power and take advantage of these long summer days?


It might seem like you’re seeing more and more solar systems on your neighbors’ roofs. If you’re not, you might be soon – with tech getting better and longevity of the panels going up, a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Even the Maryland locations for businesses like Staples, Verizon, and IKEA are hooked on sunshine. As of last year,

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When I pass retirement communities, there’s something about them that makes me think, “I would move in now. Someone please take care of me.” But when people like our parents are offered the chance to move in, the pride in their home takes over and they insist that they won’t move. Plenty of times this doesn’t happen and the residents of retirement communities are taking advantage of this new stage of life, but we all know that, for some people, it’ll take a fall or medical problems to consider moving. And, between seniors and their adult children, this can be a tough fight. We asked Andy Anderson, the Executive Director at Bel Air’s Brightview Avondell, why this is. Basically,

Our Generations Are Completely Different

The people living in or soon

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This year we're going to see some significant changes in real estate financing, all of which could impact your buying power. These changes could greatly impact your Baltimore or Harford real estate transaction, so I'd like to share and explain to you what is going on and how these changes may begin to affect you. I've outlined a few below, but always feel free to reach out to me with further questions - these changes can sometimes be complicated.  

  • FHA has Reduced their PMI by 0.5% on a Monthly Basis: This means that on a $200K home you could expect to pay about $80 less per month, which increases affordability with interest rates now falling in the low 3% range. However, rates could jump to 5% by the end of the year, which gives buyers
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Today I just wanted to do a quick market update for you on what happened in 2014, and what we expect 2015 to bring us. This year was great for us. We ended up selling 274 homes, and took great pride in providing excellent customer service to all our clients. 

We expect 2015 to be a fantastic year in real estate. This is the year that we will really see millennial buyers come out in droves. With all the new first-time home buyers entering the market, it will be an opportunity for those of us who already are homeowners to move up into a newer, better home. 

Buyers have been taking advantage of low interest rates for quite some time now. In the next 3 quarters, they are expected to rise as much as 1%, so keep that in mind. Just a 1% increase in
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The Lee Tessier Team worked together with Harford County Department of Social Services, to help provide a special Christmas for 41 children of families in financial crisis this holiday season. Our team along with local businesses contributed by donating, wrapping, and delivering the gifts. After our delivery these gifts were eagerly taken to the children by their representative social worker. Thank you to all who helped make this possible!




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