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Our Current Rental Properties


2801 Profitt Path, Edgewood
4 Beds / 3 Baths
2502 Sq Ft
$1900 Per Month


2740 Beckon Dr, Edgewood
2 Beds / 2 Bath
1120 Sq Ft
$1425 per month

2702 Kirkleigh Rd, Baltimore
3 Beds / 2 Bath
1128 Sq Ft
$1475 per month

503 Peace Chance Dr, Havre De Grace
3 Bed / 4.5 Bath
4159 Sq Ft
$3000 Per Month

234 Heather Way, Havre De Grace
3 Bed / 3 Bath
2064 Sq Ft
$2000 Per Month

731 S. Macon St, Baltimore
3 Bed / 3 Bath
1620 Sq Ft
$2400 Per Month


902 Winter Run Rd, Baltimore
3 Beds / 2.5 Baths 
2,200 Sq Ft
$2075 per month 








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Once you've paid and applied, you will receive an email with a secure request for a credit check through TransUnions SmartMove.  Next you will need to create your own account and verify who you are through a series of questions TransUnion develops. Only after this is completed will your reports will be generated and the application process keeps
moving forward. 


If you are interested in having a property leased please contact our Rental Agent:

Pat Rowe
Office: 410-638-9555  
Direct: 410-946-8474