Exciting Changes at Camden Yards This Season!

As the Baltimore Orioles kick off the 2024 season with hopes to reclaim their division title, fans are already buzzing with excitement following a thrilling opening game in which they won 11-3. Amidst the cheers and anticipation, one iconic brew has made its triumphant return to Camden Yards – the beloved Natty Boh. In a heartwarming reunion, fans were delighted to find the familiar orange cans of National Bohemian gracing the ballpark once more. Absent since 2016, Natty Boh's comeback signals a return to tradition and a celebration of Baltimore's rich heritage.

While fans savor the taste of nostalgia with each sip of Natty Boh, another iconic change awaits at the concession stands. Coca-Cola has reclaimed its position as the beverage provider, overtaking Pepsi and reigniting friendly debates among fans reminiscent of college football rivalries.

For those craving local flavors, a variety of culinary delights await in different sections of the ballpark:

  • Deddle’s Mini Donuts: Near Section 84, available on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Vida Nacho on Eutaw: Located on Eutaw Street near the Flag Court.
  • Squire’s Pizza: Found in Sections 11, 53, 316, and 360.
  • Maria’s Pupuseria Factory: Near Section 69.
  • Pat & Stugg’s: Close to Section 44.
  • Fuzzies Burgers: Near Section 67.
  • The Local Fry: Found near Sections 27 and 368.
  • Fuku Chicken: Located near Sections 49 and 332.
  • Big Mozz: Available at the Bleacher Grill, SuperBook Bar & Restaurant, and the B&O Market along Eutaw Street.
  • Berks hot dogs: The new official hot dog partner of the Orioles, can be found at participating concession stands.
  • Omaha steaks: Available at The Eutaw Street Butchery and Ballpark Sausage Cart on the upper concourse near Section 337.

In addition to culinary delights, the Brick & Whistle Food Co., Camden Yards' official hospitality team, introduces tantalizing new signature dishes:

  • Chicken Flatbread Sandwich: Available at The Eutaw Street Butchery.
  • Rotisserie Chicken Platter: Found at The Eutaw Street Butchery.
  • Steak Burger: Served at The Eutaw Street Butchery.
  • The Warehouse Dog: Offered at the Bleacher Grill on Eutaw Street.

As fans stroll through the ballpark, familiar concession spots offer comfort and joy:

  • Jimmy’s Famous Seafood: Near Section 73.
  • Vida Taco: Near Section 31.
  • Stuggy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs: Close to Section 71.
  • Boogs BBQ: Located on Eutaw Street.
  • Oro Pizza: Also on Eutaw Street.

But it's not just about food and beverages. The Orioles have made strides in enhancing the ballpark
experience with inclusivity in mind. A state-of-the-art sensory room, located near Gate F along the main concourse, caters to individuals with sensory processing needs. Complete with adjustable lighting, calming visuals, and sensory tools, it's a sanctuary for fans of all abilities.

As we revel in the excitement of the 2024 Orioles season and indulge in the many flavors and comforts of Camden Yards, we at the Lee Tessier Team are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership for this season. In collaboration with WBAL, 98 Rock, and Geoff Arnold, the voice of the Orioles, we're proud to sponsor the starting pitcher for every game this season! We are so excited to be a part of the action in what promises to be an amazing year of Orioles baseball!


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